By Auntie Iris and Friends


Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of water

Picnic hamper and the skipper’s daughter

Ellen, a spanking fishing smack

Sailing away on a starboard tack


With five nice ladies who, feeling fit,

Are all decked out in appropriate kit

Hoping that day the ropes to learn

Admiring Richard reclining astern


Somebody says,” Take the rudder, dear”

Mary steers around Point Clear

“Hit the deck girls, head between your knees

We’ve got to catch that following breeze”


The captain’s curse, the halyard’s groan

Nautical terms quite unknown

Bollards, bulwarks, rowlocks ‘n stuff

A slapping jib and a windward luff

“Do what in a bucket???  I think not”

“O-o-h look at that, what a lovely big yacht”


Almost back under engine power

With a close-up view of Batemans Tower

Safely home with no deserters

Wine and picnic on the smack Alberta’s - deck


Marvellous musicians play a fine tune

Singing and dancing on the pontoon

Five happy ladies on a day afloat

Going home now in a rubber boat


All too soon the lovely day ends, so

Thank you all very much


From Auntie Iris and Friends




Not written by a sailor (or a poet)

11 © Mark Wakefield 2012